The Best Race in Archlord

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The Best Race in Archlord

Post  wsxe2 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:01 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers. I hope you have a wonderful time in Archlord. We get the information in Archlord from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

The Human Knight(Archlord Gold) hes the best armor but no skill which block like the zerk who has vital charge. The Knight have the most health , which is very important in the arena and it is also useful for leveling, but he have not so good damage. The Human Mage has nice attacks with good damage but low health and armor . So she get killed very fast .

The Human Archer(Buy Archlord Gold) he is the alrounder, he have good spells and good damage and the Armor is not bad, but the Health is low The Orc Berserker has very very good damage and his armor is also good but not as the knigth but for that he have Vital Charge which is very usefull for leveling . He have not so much health but it is ok .

The Orc Sorcerer has very good attack but the armor is not so good. The Orc Hunter has not the best armor and not so good dmg and not so much health, but we think it is a good farm character because the Dodge and Evade skill is very usefull and it is hard to kill a hunter. The Moonelf Elemantalist has not good armor and low health but with their summons they have very good dmg and she has also a block skill. The Moonelf Ranger also a alrounder like the archer.

Our favorite is a Knight for pvp because it is hard to kill him. For farming the Hunter is best because she dogde or evade so much. And when you like dmg we would recommend the Berserker. But the Archer is also very good for pvp because he have good damage and with his debuffs, he can make his enemys so slow that they never can hit him.

Thanks for your reading. And hope you like it. We can always get the best Archlord powerleveling service with fast delivery that brings you more satisfactorily.


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