The Guide for Blade Equipment in Flyff

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The Guide for Blade Equipment in Flyff Empty The Guide for Blade Equipment in Flyff

Post  edcr2 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:05 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers. We will introduce the guide for blade equipment in Flyff to you, hope you like it!

To buy blade equipment(Flyff Penya) can cost,we want to buy we can trade for Gpots too.

1.Dayst Set (Male)+10; 4/4 nice Aweiks ; Wind on suit +10. 2. LGA Ultimate +9 or +10 whit Diamonds STR ; Wind +15 or more ; 0/5 or more. 3. LGA Ultimate +9 or +10 whit Diamonds PvP ; Wind or Fire +15 or more; 0/5 or more. 4. Vigor +20 (2). 5. Demol +20 (2). 6. Gore Necklace +20 (1).

That will be like 2-3 thousand dollars depending servr lol and why +10 wind on suit thats a dumb thing and the axes are 20-40 bil each, the set w/28% cards would be like 5-6 bil, the vigors are we think the last one we saw was like 5 bil.

But we might eb wrong, we would guess the same or more for the demol, no idea about the gore but omg what a waste of money(Flyff gold) lol in cash money we thik 2k is conservative. Those are lawolf prices btw. lol everyone upgrades a suit to +3 no one ios going to do that do it your self so youll need a bit of money.

Well, , you can come to here, we provide the best service for you.


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