Flyff: Some Guide for Your Charcter Level

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Flyff: Some Guide for Your Charcter Level

Post  edcr2 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:05 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers. This guide which we get it from other site. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day inFlyff.

The Legendary Emeraldmantis (chain) quest, Requires: Character(Flyff Penya) level 60-65. Quest Rewards: 50%+ exp (depending on level), and some penya What to do:

Warp back to Flaris, then head up on one of the houses on the small hill. There is a guy there named Rudvhail, talk to him and he will send you to Saint
Morning to talk to a guy there near some wagons. That guy, in turn, will tell you to kill Red Mantis C's which are level 27(Flyff gold), and hunt down their eggs
called Redyspawn you will need 15 of these caviar.

Once you finish and bring him the spoils, he tells you that they are not what you are looking for and tells you that the mantis you are looking for, the Emeraldmantis, is nesting somewhere in the middle of the mountains. So now you go kill one and get one egg. After that, warp back to Flaris and give Rudvhail the goddarned egg. You now have an instant chunk of exp!

Requires: Character level 70. Quest Rewards: 50% exp. What to do: In Darkon, talk to the mayor. She will tell you to find the three doctor siblings scattered all throughout Madrigal, one for each continent.

First, Flaris: the NPC you seek is near the blue feferns. Saint Morning: Up on the cliffs near the altar of Violet Magicians in Hill of Shade. Darkon: around the Priest of Confession area, in Khipra near the Drillers. After you talk to all three, go back to Darkon town for one last hunt: Clocks.

This Shuhamma-looking baddie is located just outside of Darkon, on the path towards Darkon 3: Heret. He is easy to spot because he is fenced in, on your left
side going out of town. Be sure to drag an RM along, as Clocks can make your life miserable enough. After you dispose of him, go back to the Darkon Mayor
for your 50% exp.

Thanks for your reading. If you have any need, just contact with our customer service! Have a good day in the wonder game.


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