Aion: Beginner's Guide: Grabbing Resource

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Aion: Beginner's Guide: Grabbing Resource

Post  tgby2 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:13 pm

Here aioners would like to brings you some tips for Aion Beginners. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.

The shortage in resource exists in games of NC all the time, Aion is no exception. The number of mobs are not enough to meet the number of players and the drop rate of equipment is low, players should fight to grab everything. Because of the large expense, it is difficult to make ends meet. Players(Aion gold) should grind hard early, then you will be a bit easier to survive in the future.

Beginner must make adequate psychological preparation for playing in AION(aion kina). Because AION is not only a war game, but is a brutal war game. Ability to survive in leveling up actually is the first hurdle for every beginner.

In conclusion: We help beginner select class, so as to help them foster right idea suitable for AION and remind them that team cooperation is the key to survive in Aion(aion kinah). We help beginner analyze equipment, so as to help them understand that Aion is inclined to PVP.

We help beginner analyze resource, so as to make them mentally prepared to face impending challenges. If the mentioned aspects are analyzed clearly, it is easy for beginner(aion money) to understand the decisions made by decision-makers of guild in each section.

Of course buying cheap aion kina and Aion powerleveling service from our site will make the game more interesting, just contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

By the way, our site has collected the information on other site.


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