Aion: Abyss PVP Guide

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Aion: Abyss PVP Guide

Post  zaqw2 on Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:51 pm

Seriously guys, this is aioners. Welcome to our website! Here I bring you a guide if you are a Aion Player, and we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. And our site has collected the information on other site.

Here are some very practical tips on Abyss PVP for those who have no experience of it in Aion(Aion kinah), the information is given by Midnight Tempest. Please have a look and have a good time here! Items Needed for Abyss PVP: HP pots, mana pots, resurrection stones, the yellow potion which cancells out any abnormal status, flight scrolls to increase your flight time, and speed scrolls to increase your movement speed by 20%, useful to chase down running enemies or to escape.

A common mistake that many newbies make is to drink HP(aion money), potion only when their HP is low. The correct tactics is to drink potion as soon as the damage inflicted upon you is equilavent to what the potion can heal. That way when the cooldown for the potion is over, you can drink another potion again to recover your HP.

Watching the skies on top of you is more important and practical than watching the ground around you in the Abyss. 90% of enemy faction's ambushes come from the skies. If you need to rest after a fight to recover your HP(cheap aion gold) and MP, always rest on tree tops. Resting on the ground in Abyss makes you a sitting duck in a shooting gallery.

Templars, Clerics and Chanters may like to brag about their multi-tanking abilities, but in reality it's very difficult for any class to win in a 1 vs 2 situation: unless you have far better equips and 4+ higher levels(aion kina). In a large scale group PVP, forget about choosting which enemy to target, it's often too hectic and chaotic to make a good decision, and you will likely die before you can make up your mind. It's better to press TAB and attack the nearest enemy while you are still alive.

Use the movement bonuses, they really do work. Sorc, Spiritmaster, Ranger(Aion gold), Glad are recommended to move forward to get the damage bonus. Templar, Cleric and Chanter are suggested to move backwards for the defense bonus, while Assasin should move left and right for the evasion bonus. Of course, it also depends on what the particular situation requires.

You can also buy cheap aion kina and Aion powerleveling service from our website. By the way, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you !


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