Exploit Guide: Special Item Bonus Glitch in Archlord

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Exploit Guide: Special Item Bonus Glitch in Archlord

Post  wsxe2 on Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:28 pm

Dear guys, hope you have a wonderful time in Mmooffers. We got the exploit guide inArchlord from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

This will only work with Special Items(Archlord Gold) such as these:

-Band of Fortitude (+5 Attack).
-Choker of Protection (+5 Physical Defense).
-Necklace of Souls (+2 Elemental Attack.
-Guard Choker (+5% Skill Block).
-Phantom Ring (+10% elemental resistance).
-Tailsmen of Death - Necklace (+10% attack speed).

We use this with our hunter which uses 2 x +10% health rings and with a XL Giant Potion we go from 1600 HP to 2700HP(Buy Archlord Gold)! If you got special item's like 5% Skill Block necklace or 10% HP rings then you can mail urself a blank letter. Then reply to that letter with the necklace/ring attached and read letter and save item, equip item and the stats (what ever it gives) should be double (so a +10% health ring gives +20% now).

Thanks for your reading. We supply cheaperArchlord powerleveling service online with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look.


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