The Best Fix for Chanters in Aion

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The Best Fix for Chanters in Aion

Post  zaqw2 on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:05 am

Dear players, welcome to aioners, The information from the Aion official forum, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

Buffs: Triple to quadruple the effect of chants but give it constant MP(aion kinah) upkeep. Give rage type spells such as: For 1 minute target gains 20% atk speed and 30% damage but loses 20% defense, 2 min cooldown. For 1 minute target gains 20% threat gain and 30% defense but loses 20% attack. 2 minute cooldown.

Damage: Increase base Melee damage by 15-20%. Buying aion money here! Remove the silly ranged direct damage spell. Then add two spells:Two second cast time:Target loses 25% defense for 20 seconds and takes 100 damage every 3 seconds 600 dmg total combo 1.

For 10 seconds target is snared and takes 200 dmg every 3 seconds, 20 second cooldown 600 dmg total combo 2. Those fixes will increase DPS output and put the class on par with others. Also increase soloability and give the class more pvp(cheap aion gold) viability without overpowering them.

Heals: Instant cast heal(aion kina) implemented with 1 min cooldown. Dont need too much of an increase here because the chanter is supposed to be the hybrid healing class more leaning toward DPS. Where as atm they are low dps low healing.

You can also buy the cheapest Aion gold and Aion powerleveling service from our website. By the way, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you !


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