Part1 Archlord Guide: Perfect World at F2P

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Part1 Archlord Guide: Perfect World at F2P

Post  wsxe2 on Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:01 pm

Welcome toMmooffers. We will introduce the guide for perfect world at F2P inArchlord to you, we got it from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

We are just looking at p2p and fail to ever look around at the f2p's. A game(Archlord Gold) called Pefect World is releasing its beta sometime this month any day now and let us tell you, it definately rivals these games. First, Mounts. There are both land and flying mounts. Land mounts arent that special, raptors, sabers, horses, and so on. The flying mounts is where its at. There are Magical Swords, Giant Birds, Dragons 2 headed ones, Angel Wings, and Seraphim Wings(3 wings on each side, instead of 1).

Check the onrpg post for all screenshots. There are more SS's but im sure thats enough to catch your attention. Next comes graphics and gameplay. Usually you think of most P2P or F2P games(Buy Archlord Gold) to be 90% grind and 10% quest right? Well this is different. Currently there are over 5000 quests in the game and rising. Thats incredible for a game going into open beta. You will WANT to quest more than grind, people have said that they have gained over 70% exp for a level with just one quest.

Thanks, if you have no time to level your character, ourArchlord Powerleveling service is your best choice! You can order right now.


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