Part Two: A Healing Tips for Aion Players

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Part Two: A Healing Tips for Aion Players Empty Part Two: A Healing Tips for Aion Players

Post  zaqw2 on Tue Dec 29, 2009 6:46 pm

Hello Aion customers, welcome to our website! thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting aioners all the time, we will devote all our efforts to returning.

A mistake we see a lot of healers make is attempting to keep all of their allies' health(aion kinah) at full all the time. Doing this will overwork the healer, distract him from the flow of battle, and run his action points dry too early. Healers, when following a group into battle, must be aware of the hierarchy of importance amongst all the classes.

In a PvE engagement, the group tank is unquestionably the most important target to keep your eye on, followed secondly by the other healers(aion money) and important damage dealers. Feel free to toss your Squid Herder friend a heal if you have nothing else to do, but not at the cost of the aforementioned targets. Remember to pace yourself.

This is an obvious thing to mention, but it is an important one so we have to talk about it. What do we mean by pace? we mean making good use of as many lower cost spells as you can in order to get the job done. This saves time, mana, and is the hallmark of a talented healer(cheap aion kinah). One can do this by using heals-over-time spells and lower level healing spells in order to keep your main targets at a manageable level.

Big heals should be reserved for the emergency situations when someone is in trouble. Only use the bare minimum you can to get by. If you can get by with only using your HoT spells, do so. We know most of these things are obvious to veteran MMO players(aion kina), but we think they are important to point out and to consciously realize as you make your way through Warhammer.

The potential for battles to carry on over extended periods of time is very great. With massive open RvR battles, swarms of enemies, and fire raining down from all directions, healers(Aion gold) have their work cut out for them. It will be more important than ever for healers to keep themselves focused and aware of these tenets. When the fate of a battle objective or a fortress hangs in the balance, pacing yourself, remaining calm, and keeping a cool head will make all the difference.

Just have fun in this game! Of course buying Aion powerleveling service from our site will make the game more interesting, just contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

By the way, this guide was taken from other site, Hope you like.


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