Magic Hit Growth in Aion

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Magic Hit Growth in Aion

Post  yhnu2 on Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:26 pm

Dear players, welcome to aioners, The information from the Aion official forum, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less.

Magic Resistance: This property is a direct impact on their own skills to completely resist the magic off each other in the actual game(aion kinah) is very important an attribute, the higher magic resistance, the other magic skills are the possibility of resistance, the greater the proportional relationship between the two, The magic resistance caused by the effect of this attribute is a qualitative change.

If the resistance, then the damage to 0, if not resistance, it would be each other's skills, all of the injuries, the probability of resistance and non-resistance under the opponent's magic hit the value(aion money) of the specific see above: Magic hit the inside analysis. Magic resistance is widely used in practice, many elites in the PvE monsters and BOSS have a powerful magic skills, if there is resistance, then the basis for their own blood is not high, it is the best Modao things.

If the resistance is too low, most likely be directly seconds away with. In PvP(buy aion kinah) the higher the value of magic resistance, then it is easy to resist magic series of occupations, Mo Dao, wizard, cure, and with control of most of the deadly effects of magic skills, such as Mo Dao's own silence, curses the tree, sleep, hell fire.

The wizard star of the instantaneous terror, mass fear, magic block, all kinds of flavor, and so on, healing(aion kina) star, bondage, discipline, and discipline of the electricity, and earth, retribution, etc. as well as the Department of Physics, occupation, Jian Xing, Shou Huxing, bow star, killing star, most of the control skills, such as sleep, star bow arrows, silence arrows and so on, killing star Descent, patterns blast, air blast, etc. Shou Huxing capture, quivering roar, etc. Sword Star grasping feet and so on.

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