Part Two: Behind the Scenes of Aion

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Part Two: Behind the Scenes of Aion Empty Part Two: Behind the Scenes of Aion

Post  yhnu2 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:07 pm

Dear players, welcome to aioners, The information from the official forum, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help Aion players more or less.

"We make games(cheap aion kinah), so we know firsthand how competition can be healthy; it's a virtue in and of itself. But those comparisons came so early that it was hard to ignore the other games and figure out what we wanted Aion to become. There may be a place for reactive game design, but it's not at the beginning of the development process."

Lush MMO Graphics: Working With A Third-Party Engine. Crytek's game(buy aion gold) engines, used to breathtaking effect in the company's own Far Cry and Crysis, haven't had as much pickup as, say, Unreal Engine or Source. But the Aion team wanted an engine that would do the team's assets right, and with some significant adjustments, it worked out:

"We used an engine optimized for first person shooters in an MMO because we really wanted Aion's(buy aion kinah) environment to "pop" off the screen. CryEngine handles landscape textures with ease, and it's great at processing light effects, which is particularly important in a world where available light tells part of the game's story.

"That said, CryEngine isn't an MMO engine per se. We had to rearrange about 90 percent of the engine to make it work for Aion(cheap aion gold). The building blocks were there; they just needed to be reassembled. The team has since worked hard to improve the graphical quality without switching graphics engines.

"Whereas before our artists might have simply designed something to be as gorgeous as possible, as we become even more familiar with the technology we are finding ways to improve quality without any major performance or polygon hits."

You can also buy the cheapest Aion powerleveling service from our website. By the way, thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all efforts to returning, once again, thank you !


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