Archlord Tips for Easy Gold

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Archlord Tips for Easy Gold

Post  wsxe2 on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:57 pm

Glad to meet you in Mmooffers. We got the information in Archlord from other site, hope you like it more or less.

For easy gold, specially for you ppl who do not play(Buy Archlord Gold) much, all you have to do is contact a higher level and ask them if they want to go exping. They can use you for bonus exp that they do not have to pay you or anything most any higher level 60+. We stick with 70+, though it will accept at that. Now what you gain, from this is once the grp is full, they summon you to thier grinding spot and you. The rest of grp stand sum where safe in a wall or away from mobs while the 60 or 70+ grind, they grind multiple mobs at once and you get close to 70 to 100 gold per kill.

Now you just go to work or sleep or call a friend do whatever you want, just leave your game up and running, you can minimize the game and search the web if ya want. Whatever is your preference. You hope that they grind for hours while you are at work or whatever by the time you get home or back, you will have close to 300-400k gold as long as the higher level is smart enuff to manage his mobs. He pulls and he keeps grinding find trusted sellers and the cheapest price for Archlord Gold. MMOGoldService compares prices between Archlord Gold sellers, displays customer ratings.

Well, hope you have a good time. If you want to buy some Archlord powerleveling service for your character. Here we can provide you with the cheapest price, you can place an order from us right now.


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