Random Flyff Questions in Flyff

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Random Flyff Questions in Flyff

Post  edcr2 on Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:26 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers, hope you have a wonderful time in game. We got the information in other site for Flyff players, hope it can help you more or less.

Some of you may have noticed us asking a lot of random questions lately, and we figure we should not be making a thread for each one, so we will just ask them here, and if you want to answer them or know the answer you can help us out. Most of these questions are in relation to us, planning for the Version 15 Beta, as many of you know the IRC Team has helped out by running events, buffing people, and keeping order at high priority areas like the job changing monsters, among other things.

This time we are trying to be as well prepared and organized as possible so that this beta can be even more enjoyable for all of us. So we have a lot of random questions in game(Flyff Penya) that we need answers to, that relate to various things, remember our soul link question.

We will have this locked when we do not need it anymore. You can also feel free to ask your own questions too, but it will be locked when we no longer need it. We will post the updated questions on the first post of this thread, and in a separate post in the thread. Old questions and their answers will be posted in the second reserved post. We provideFlyff gold for you.

Thanks for your reading. And hope you like it. If you need any help, please contact with our customer service and we will do our best to help you.


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