The Heosphoros's Awakening Guide in Flyff

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The Heosphoros's Awakening Guide in Flyff

Post  edcr2 on Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:19 pm

Welcome to Mmooffers. We have collected the mainly information inFlyff on other site. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!

MP(Flyff Penya) +400 or higher/ DCT +9% or higher on vagrant/assist or billposter gear. Even better if on sardine/curus, billist/billporon, shurand/shuran or alext/ales. Adoch +15% or higher on shaentra boots, blade boots, merc boots or vagrant boots DCT +9% or higher, crit+9% or higher, attack speed +15% or higher, str/sta/int +25 or higher, attack +150 or higher on any shield. Stam on any wand for crucio crit +9% on any vagrant gaunts, merc gaunts or blade gants. Just so people know what to sell. This can depend on server, price range, preference, and so on .

We think people should be able to guess just from knowing the different tiers. So someone could have in their mind they are going for tier 6 or higher. To me that was the point of the tiers. So people knew what the equivalent awakes were. We have seen people who did not know much about awakenings start bowing to our 22 strength helm, but when we showed them our 9% crit 15% aspeed gaunts, they did notthink much of it. Even though 22 str is a tier 8 awake. And 9% crit 15% aspeed is a tier 9 tier 8 awake. You can buy Flyff gold to leveling.

Thanks for your reading. If you have no time to level up your character, you can come to our site and have a look, hope you like.


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